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Vancouver, WA

            There are movies and TV shows in which people are made to believe that an actor is legitimately tough, but in real life the truth is that many people know how to make an action sequence look good, but are lacking in the necessary skill to perform in real life. Only a day ago local actor Gill Egand decided to test his skills against a trained boxer to see if he had what it took to get in the ring. According to witnesses that were present at the gym for this bout, several friends of the actor and even the boxer in question, an amateur welterweight named Frank Drissin, asked Gill if he was certain he wanted this.

            “I didn’t want to hurt the guy,” Frank said when speaking to the police, “He asked if I’d spar with him and it was all well and good until he started really digging in and throwing hard punches. Fighters that are trained to hit people tend to not like that, and I feel bad for knocking him down, but I feel worse that he actually hurt himself falling out of the ring.”

            While Frank isn’t being held liable for the injury that placed Gill in the ICU he’s apparently offered to help out in any way he can. As Gill was exiting the ring he tripped over the bottom rope and fell hard to the floor, breaking his left ankle and two ribs in the process as he fell across a wooden bench that was placed near the ring for bystanders. At this time Gill is recuperating and should make a full recovery, but his family has openly stated that they do not hold Frank personally responsible.

@CrazyKind tweeted:

            Who do you think you are, Rocky Balboa? You don’t step in the ring unless you can bang man.

@SickDog tweeted:

            Friggin rookie, no, not even that, you don’t belong in that ring.

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