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New York, NY

            Teenagers are regarded in many ways by many different people. Sometimes they’re thought to be troublemakers, sometimes they’re believed to be good kids. But without knowing intent it becomes difficult to know just what they’re up to and what they might be laughing at when a couple is walking by. Lesbian couple Amara and Deirdre Raminos nearly committed a felony as a fight almost broke out between the two twenty-six year old’s and a group of teenagers they’d accused of being homophobic before the rant they gave that was caught on one of the teen’s phones.

            “We were sitting there minding our own business y’know, just enjoying a nice day in Central Park, and these two women come up to us and start telling us that what we were doing wasn’t right and wasn’t kind,” said 15-year old Mariko Phan, “Admittedly we were acting in a very stereotypical gay manner, the flamer style we call it, and we were doing it to each other. Two of our group were gay and they were getting right in there with us, and we weren’t doing it to cause harm or even make fun of the two of them, or anyone else. This is something we do with each other all the time and our two friends love it since it’s funny. But for one reason or another these two hags had an issue with it and decided to get in our faces about it. There were six of us in the group and we’re all in good shape and play a number of sports, so I didn’t worry about the women beating us up. I worried more that the group of us would get in trouble if we ganged up on a lesbian couple, though I didn’t know for certain if they were a couple until they told us, so I’m glad I didn’t say anything about it.”

            Needless to say Amara and Deirdre went about their way not long after summoning an officer to help them with their dispute. The officer in question asked a few questions and then gave the Raminos’ a warning following the altercation, while also telling the teens to simply pay attention and be as courteous as they can be to fellow park-goers.

@JettinSkye tweeted:

            Do people really have nothing better to do than think that everyone they come across is persecuting them?

@DorneItAll tweeted:

            It’s like we have to shout everything like an Austin Powers movie, “Not you lesbians walking by! Not you gay guys kissing privately under the tree! Not you asexual individual that doesn’t want to be labeled so they dress like every gender they can think of….”

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