Influencers are Worthless — truly.

Dallas, TX

            The riots and protests following the unfortunate death of George Floyd had been all over the internet lately. Many individuals have attempted to push their own narratives by editing certain clips to show only the worst of the offenses, while others have attempted to prove a point with truncated clips that show what they want to be seen and not the entire story. One influencer however took it upon themselves to take several clips and attempt to edit it into one long, continuous clip that appears to be in the same place, but takes place during different days and in different situations. Every clip that was so expertly sewn to together was used to push a narrative that not just bad cops, but all cops, are actively seeking to harm protesters, and that the rioters are in fact plants.

            “This is irresponsible and absolutely against our rules and guidelines,” said a representative from YouTube, “The individual’s account has already been suspended and will be shut down, and they won’t be allowed back after this. The influencer in question has been making a decent living off of people throughout the last several years with controversial content that skirted the line but didn’t cross it. This however is enough to justify banning this person for life.”

            Plenty of people decided to chime in before the video was taken down and few if any viewers were too forgiving of the images since the influencer had decided to add a bit of commentary to the video as well. Many pointed out that trying to increase one’s views on their channel was not only immoral but is also causing many individuals to be reprimanded by YouTube in these troubled times.

@TheHizzle tweeted:

            Man, I thought Snoop Dogg’s site was being problematic, but at least he’s not pulling this crap.

@DottieDo tweeted:

            What do influencers even do besides…..well, nothing really….?

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