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Miami, FL

            Social distancing has been taking a back seat lately as issues within the nation continue to spark out of control, all but assuring that the coronavirus has somehow taken a back seat to the current social unrest that is now occurring. Before the death of Georgy Floyd however Tammy and Jim Chiter were separated by only a couple hundred miles after Tammy had been called away to oversee a project taking place in the famed Disney World. As one of the many designers that continually worked on the theme park Tammy has made several trips to Disney World throughout the years. However, this final trip that saw the end of her marriage fell just before the lock down that gripped the state and soon enough, the country.

            Sadly this meant that Tammy could not fly home and decided to follow the guidelines and stay with one of her colleagues in nearby Orlando. Even worse however was that she was told that there was a limit on travel and as such she was advised not to simply drive home for fear of infecting others. While her husband and their two teenage children understood they kept in touch with Tammy as much as they could, sharing updates every day or two in an attempting to keep their spirits high. It was on one particular day however when Tammy’s daughter, Alexis, was sharing a video chat with her mother and happened to notice something awkward in the background.

            “I saw a pair of what looked like men’s briefs on the bed behind my mom,” Alexis said in an interview, “I don’t like talking about underwear with my mom, but when I asked her about them I saw her eyes go really wide and she got really quiet, like she was trying to figure out what to say. When she told me ‘Lexi, you can’t tell your father about this’, it became pretty obvious, and I couldn’t help it, I just quit the chat then and there.”

            It would appear that despite the ban on travel, many people were still making it home to their families to spend the quarantine with them, but Tammy had found someone else to spend her time with. Upon being told by his daughter, Jim confronted Tammy and found out through a tearful confession that this hadn’t been the only time that Tammy had been unfaithful during a ‘business trip’. Revealing to her that he’d known about the others, Jim then gave her a choice, a quick and quiet divorce, and he would take custody of the kids, or a long and drawn-out court battle that would hurt every one of them. Sadly, as there was no other way this could be, Tammy took the first option, and Jim and his children haven’t seen her since.

@BeSheezy tweeted:

            She went off to ‘work’ to get a little somethin’ somethin’ only to end up with a lot of nothin’

@HollaBack tweeted:

            Yeah I don’t think I’d go home if I screwed my family over like that either.

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