Netflix Has 45% Fewer Movies (and 400% More TV Shows) Than it Did in 2010 -  TV[R]EV

Moscow, ID

            Those that have been monitoring social media at this time might have noticed a trend occurring as more and more entertainment sites are leaning heavily on older movies and stating just why they ‘wouldn’t work today’. Many themes from older movies have been stated as offensive, controversial, and have been openly condemned by many people that took the time to watch them either out of interest or by recommendation. Unfortunately at least one person decided to try and do something about this by striking at one site that happens to be among the most popular worldwide at this time. Recently, a computer hacker attempted to bring Netflix to its knees by trying to infect the network. When asked why, the suspect had this to say:

            “Streaming networks are poisoning our minds and the minds of those with the garbage from the 80s and 90s. They show us old movies and call it nostalgia but it’s really a form of mind control, of trying to turn us into simpering sheep that don’t have enough of a voice to say ‘this is wrong’. My attempt was only the first, there will be more, and we will be legion one day. Those that follow the false idols of their past will have a reckoning unlike anything they’ve ever known.”

            The suspect, one Edward Leery, a 35-year old, self-professed tech nerd living with his parents in Moscow, Idaho was arrested not long after authorities traced the call he made to Netflix back to his home. Upon being led out in handcuffs Edward was strangely silent, though his parents did not protest his removal from their home, stating that they’d been trying to get him to find a place of his own for nearly three months. At this time Edward is being held in county lockup and is awaiting arraignment for his crimes.

@AngelEyes tweeted:

            I, I can’t even with this guy….

@Hallitocys tweeted:

            35, living with mommy and daddy, won’t move out, obviously has no job or a lousy job, I’m just waiting for some to make a Millennial joke right about now….

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