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New Orleans, LA

            Public transport is usually considered to be safe enough in many areas as people understand that such transportation is there for the enjoyment and convenience of everyone. Now and then a scuffle might break out over something rather trivial or an argument might break out that causes the operator of the transport to toss those that are causing a disturbance. In the case of Miles Geller and Andrea Gayle the situation quickly grew out of hand and the operator, a 30-year veteran of public transportation Jerald Mickener, was well past his prime and couldn’t do much of anything but call the police.

            “A lot of people had their cameras up,” said Marion Twilby, a New Orleans resident and Tulane University student, “The guy said he noticed the woman’s shirt that said “My silence is not your weapon” and he took off on her, calling her every nasty name he could think of. The guy is white and the woman was black, so right away a few people had an issue. I was just thinking it was ridiculous since if a person has an opinion it’s their business, not anyone else’s. And she backed up her opinion pretty well as far as I can tell since being a black woman I can tell you that I don’t blame every white person in this world for black problems and I sure as hell don’t think silence is the issue.”

            The situation escalated quickly after Miles apparently criticized Andrea for her t-shirt, as he decided to stand up and loom over her. Those nearby asked him to step back, and the operator even asked him to sit down, but Miles decided to take things an extra step when he called Andrea an ‘Uncle Tom’ and a traitor to her race. From there, things got ugly quickly, but order was restored by several passengers that restrained Miles until the police came. As of now Miles is looking at an assault and battery charge while Andrea was allowed to go on her way.

@HennyHenn tweeted:

            Boy who you callin’ a race traitor and Uncle Tom? Little white boy’s lucky I wasn’t there, I’d slapped the lips off of him.

@DeppyDan tweeted:

            Damn right silence isn’t violence, otherwise a lot of us would be mass murderers six to eight hours a night.

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