Video of 'feminist' throwing bleach at 'manspreaders' is 'propaganda' |  Daily Mail Online

Portland, OR

            The issue of manspreading, although a relatively recent issue, has continued to be spread by various individuals that believe this is a problem. For those that still don’t know what manspreading is, this is the act of a man sitting a bus, subway car, or any public transport with his legs spread wide apart, thereby taking up more than his own seat. Unfortunately for many people that find this to be an issue the fact remains that the number of men that actually do this is very low, while the number of people, women and men, that occupy multiple seats by placing their bags or feet and legs upon them is still quite prevalent. One Portland resident however had an idea on how to combat the ‘manspreading issue’ as she believed that men ‘just weren’t getting the point’.

            “I created an experiment of my own, kind of a reactionary experiment to the fact that men weren’t getting it, and in fact women weren’t getting it either,” said Olivia MacGuffin, a psychology teacher at Portland Community College, “My belief is that by literally slapping men in the face and getting their attention it would do far more than just pouring liquid on their pants or yelling at them or anything else. So over a period of 30 days I slapped men on the city bus who I saw manspreading. I was hit in return, followed, menaced, shouted at, and called every name in the book, and eventually arrested for assault, but I do believe my point was made that manspreading is still a problem that we need to combat.”

            Olivia is currently being held in the Multnomah County Corrections and is currently serving a year-long sentence in county.

@GoLowHigh tweeted:

            So you slapped men for manspreading….did you punt kick women for what they likely did and still do? No? Then you’re a hypocrite, enjoy jail food for the next 12 months….

@ItsAllRight tweeted:

            I guess we need an accurate measurement of how far we can spread our legs as men, I mean there’s got to be something between Too Wide and Smashing My Own Balls

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