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Portland, OR

            A local Portland woman was rushed to the hospital just the other day after performing for a video on Tik Tok that many people have stated was ‘disgusting’ and ‘absolutely evil’. While thankfully it wasn’t anything illicit the video does depict the woman in question, Rhonda Busay, as she engages in what appears to be a boxing match with her neighbor’s Rottweiler, Kamala. While the neighbor is reportedly the one behind the camera during the video it’s been revealed that they too are being held at this time as an accessory to animal abuse and will be charged at a later date. Rhonda’s condition at this moment however has stabilized after her ‘boxing match’ was cut short by Kamala’s unfortunate but well-accepted response.

            “A person hasn’t got any call to be ‘boxing’ with a dog like a Rottweiler,” said Rhonda’s other neighbor, Patty Miilks, “Those dogs have a reputation for being mean, and any dog is likely going to bite if they think they’re being threatened. I don’t mean that woman ill or anything but she reaped what she sowed this time around.”

            The video has since been taken down, but while it was up viewers could clearly see the Rottweiler looking hesitant to do anything as Rhonda, wearing boxing gloves thankfully, took several shots at the dog before Kamala reacted. Several jabs landed directly on the nose of the poor canine, who backed away several steps as Rhonda followed, still swinging away and laughing along with her friend as the video continued. After landing a shot on Kamala’s nose that was a little too heavy however the dog leapt and locked her jaws around Rhonda’s throat, bearing her to the ground where she continued to growl until her owner was able to pry her jaws loose.

            Paramedics were on the scene not long after as the neighbor had called them, and Rhonda is still recovering at this time. She’s expected to be brought before a judge the moment she’s physically able however, as she will be charged with animal abuse.

@PsychoKitty tweeted:

            Oh please, Rottweiler’s are only considered to be violent since people have attributed this to them. They’re big dogs of course and they look tough, but if you treat them right they’re big teddy bears.

@HotDoggers tweeted:

            I hope Kamala was taken to a better home, the neighbor doesn’t deserve a dog like that if they’re going to let people abuse her.

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