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Laredo, TX

            ER doctors and nurses are quite used to seeing all types of injuries and conditions as their job requires them to deal with some of the most serious cases and foibles known to humanity. But every now and then there are moments that stymie even the most stoic among the medical community, and the case of Antonia Doncom and her pet python, Driscoll, was one such case only a week ago when they were admitted to the ER wing of the Laredo Medical Center. Antonia was brought in by her husband, Arnold, wrapped in a sheet, which was confusing to the aides and nurses until they removed the covering and discovered, much to their shock, why the couple had made their way into the ER.

            “They said that they’d had an accident,” said Diana Cross, the night nurse on duty at the time, “When I saw the sheet and didn’t see any blood though I was curious at best and ready to accept that they had an embarrassing situation that they didn’t want anyone to know about. Well, we were right about that anyway, but it’s still an image that I don’t ever want to see in my life again.”

            Upon removing the sheet it was discovered that the Doncom’s had brought another guest with them as Driscoll was discovered coiled around Antonia’s midsection and left leg. Thankfully the python hadn’t tightened its grip, as Antonia had done her best to avoid sitting down, especially considering where the poor snake’s head had apparently ended up. The level of disgust and judgment was high when the couple met with the doctor soon after being admitted, but thankfully Driscoll was extracted from a location that will not be openly disclosed, all for the better. At this time the Doncom’s have been unavailable for comment.

@IckyStick tweeted:

            They what??? I get wanting to spice up your love life, but leave the snake out of it….you know what I mean…I hope…

@TwistedOnnOff tweeted:

            Usually when someone mentions doing something in the bedroom and a snake in the same sentence it’s not a literal snake….poor Driscoll…

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