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Atlanta, GA

            Apparently men don’t enjoy appearing weak, or in any way susceptible to the fear that has gripped the nation, and the world, in fear as the coronavirus has continued to spread. One opinion writer by the name of Janessa Moh has taken it upon herself to deduce that men are singlehandedly worsening the spread of the coronavirus. After taking it upon herself to sit on her front porch and watch how many people walked by she made a head count of how many were wearing masks and how many were not. Her own observation revealed that people were fairly equal when it came to wearing masks in public, which then led her to cross-reference her own attempt with studies that had been published on the internet. What she found was a bit more pleasing to her eyes.

            “Obviously the limited scope I can see in my own neighborhood doesn’t tell me as much, and it’s likely that men around my neighborhood don’t want to be called out so it’s likely that they wear a mask because they’re more afraid of being singled out than they are of appearing weak.” said Janessa, “But the studies I looked at were a lot more accurate I believe since they tend to state in The Mary Sue that men are statistically less likely to wear masks since they perceive them as weakness and the stereotypical, toxic male doesn’t wish to appear weak in front of their friends and family. From my own observations and studies this is absolutely true and as a result it means that toxic masculinity is a very real danger as it can help to spread COVID-19 among communities.”

            After publishing her findings Janessa found several people willing to support her claim but far more that were willing to criticize her findings. While she has yet to follow up with another article she has replied to many detractors with what she believes is ‘factual data’ that can back up her claim.

@IbbleBibble tweeted:

            The Mary Who? Girl you need to back that one up about ten miles and park it by the side of the road since The Mary Sue ain’t about to tell you that COVID-19 ain’t a man’s fault.

@DizzleShizzle84 tweeted:

            Yes, obviously in your ‘limited scope’ you can’t see all that much. Might be time to thicken the Coke bottles chick, you’re missing out on a wider world.

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