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Portland, ME

            Generally the way to be a decent human being is to treat people with respect and hope to be treated in the same manner. Unfortunately this isn’t always the result, as Gregory Allen, a 14-year old black male found out today. While washing his parents’ cars in their driveway just a few days back Gregory was treated to a random bit of verbal abuse by a woman he’d never seen before that was walking through his neighborhood, pushing a double stroller with her two children inside.

            “I heard the word, you know, the ‘n’ word, and looked around because we do have black neighbors and white neighbors, but the people in our neighborhood are pretty nice people that don’t say things like that,” said Gregory during an interview, “I didn’t see anyone else outside, but when I looked over to the woman I heard shouting it she yelled at me “Wash ‘em up real nice before you steal them” and then she called me the ‘n’ word. I didn’t really know what to say since I haven’t been called that in my life before. My mom was outside and I didn’t know about it though, and she was recording it apparently since she’d heard the woman. It was when the lady came on our property and shoved me for some reason that my mom went really berserk. All I could notice though was that her stroller was rolling away from where she’d left it, and the kids were still in it.”

            Thinking little about the angry white woman shoving him and cursing at his mother, Gregory bolted for the stroller as it went rolling towards a dip in the concrete, where it might have tipped if not for his quick thinking. On the video footage that was captured it can be heard and seen as the mother of the two tells Gregory to ‘get his n****r hands off’ of her kids, even as he was stopping the stroller from rolling over and into the road. Thankfully Gregory’s father was there in the next second to pull him away from the woman, who threatened to call the police and have Gregory charged with attempted kidnapping. To date the woman has not shown up in the neighborhood again.

@CallMama tweeted:

            Hmm, kidnapping, or child neglect? Video footage or hearsay? Yeah, that lady would be pretty much f****d if she called the cops.

@GonnaGonna tweeted:

            Who the hell are these people that do these kind of things?

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