Black Lives Matter rally in Minden, Nevada sparks a conversation

Astoria, OR

            Recently even smaller cities and towns have been experiencing solidarity with the Black Lives Movement protests that have been seen to continually pop up in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. While many of them have indeed been peaceful with only fringe members of the protests alluding to violence of any sort, some supporters have also been seen to take matters a little further than many might feel is necessary. Only two day ago Dylan Hartsett, an Astoria resident, decided to get back at his neighbor, Peter Drainell, for comments the other man had made when explaining why he’d decided to paint his home white instead of another color as everyone else in the neighborhood had. When Drainell explained that his wife had picked the color and that it wasn’t meant to incite any feelings one way or another Dylan was witnessed by several neighbors to be verbally hostile towards Peter and even threatened to egg his home or throw something else at it to ‘color things up’.

            “We do our best to be good neighbors and not bother anyone else,” explained Peter, “We’ve never had an issue with Mr. Hartsett until now, in fact we’ve been pretty friendly with him anytime we’re both outside and I’ve had a few conversations with him over the years. I wouldn’t say we’re best buddies but I thought we were friendly neighbors at the very least. But when my wife and I went away for the weekend we came back and didn’t even recognize our own home of fourteen years.”

            The reason for this is that Dylan took the liberty buying and applying nearly twenty gallons of jet black paint and proceeded to cover the Drainell’s home in it. While the job was rough and slipshod the house was completely black by the time it was all done, including part of the driveway and many of the windows. In his own words, Dylan admitted that had he known he was living close to a couple of racists for so long he would have done it sooner. At this time a lawsuit has been filed as the Drainell’s are suing Dylan for the cost of cleaning up their home and repainting it as well.

@DamnGina tweeted:

            Your neighbor ain’t racist for painting their house white, and from one black man to another, you’re a dumb@$$ since now you’re gonna have to pay even more than the paint was worth get it fixed. Stop believing what Being Loud Matters tells you.

@Jolott tweeted:

            So how’s it feel to get your false revenge? Expensive? I’ll bet.

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