Cars Have Hit George Floyd Protesters In At Least 17 Incidents Nationwide

Portland, OR

            Outrage followed quickly on social media when a mother of two, Analyn Markos, struck no less than three BLM protesters with her car following an altercation on a public street. On her way home from a local daycare provider Analyn found that one of the usual streets she always used was blocked by a large truck sporting several BLM-themed signs. According to law enforcement that were called onto the scene, the protest was not legally allowed to block the roadway and the protesters had no permit for their demonstration. More than that however, Analyn has been found without fault in the injuries sustained by the three BLM members that jumped in front of her car.

            “I was going down the same way I always go,” Analyn explained in an interview, “and I saw that the main street I needed to take to get the rest of the way home was blocked. I could have driven around it, but the protesters stood in the way and wouldn’t let me. When I asked them to move so I could get by, it makes feel guilty to say this, but I was hoping as a woman of color that they’d just let me pass. They didn’t, and instead they cursed at me and came at my car with bats and crowbars instead. When one of them hit my car I just panicked and hit the gas. My two little girls were crying because the people were shouting so loud, and all I could think of was trying to get away. I know I hit at least a couple of them, but I didn’t realize it until I was at home and I nearly broke down before realizing I needed to calm my kids down.”

            Analyn did hit three of the protesters that were screaming at her, breaking the leg of one of them and causing another to suffer a concussion. The third was knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital where it was discovered she’d broken two ribs and her left arm. To the amazement of the BLM crowd however the judge overseeing the case has not ordered Analyn to be brought before the court, nor has any legal process been started.

@BeingLazyLOL tweeted:

            Good! BLM is a joke! They care when they want and push a narrative that includes selective outrage.

@DontWantIt tweeted:

            You mean BLM got a taste of their own medicine? Mmm, how’s it taste? Kinda bitter going down, isn’t it?

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