Taco Bell Employee Fired For Wearing BLM Mask At Work

Cornelius, OR

            From the standpoint of being fair one should mention that Black Lives Matter does want equality, justice, and a chance for all POC’s to experience the same prosperity in the USA that their white counterparts have had for so long. But there are moments when one has to wonder just how far they’re willing to take things. Recently at a local Taco Bell restaurant a member of the local BLM chapter in Hillsboro took to calling upon all his “brown-skinned Hispanic brothers and sisters” to “throw off the shackles of minimum wage and join the righteous uprising” that was apparently said to happen in the region that stretches from Hillsboro all the way to Gaston. The unfortunate truth however is that not only were there only three Hispanic members of the crew working that night, not a one of them believed in the message that BLM is selling.

            “They say that all lives can’t matter until theirs do right? But then what happens when in the process of their lives mattering during a protest they make it harder for someone else’s livelihood to matter?” Diego Murietta, the night manager that was on duty when the BLM member came in, had plenty to say, “I was born in America and I’ve never had any issues here, not in grade school, not in high school, not even in college or working here. The people in this town and the ones next to it aren’t perfect, we’ve got racists and bigots too, but a lot of folks are just decent people wanting to get by and do their thing and get a taco or a burrito now and again. For BLM to come in at this time is kind of selfish I think, especially since plenty of the black folks around here that I know, and I know a lot of folks, would laugh at someone trying this stunt.”

            While the name of the member was never revealed, there was thankfully no altercation following his words and no mass exodus, for which Diego stated he was quite thankful.

            “People here are paid for what they do and treated with respect, otherwise we can ask people to leave.”

@HiLoMid tweeted:

            You go Diego! Respect is earned, and there’s no problem giving it out to those that respect you in turn. It’s a human thing, not a color thing.

@DinnaWanna tweeted:

            The enlightened individual is the one that speaks for unity, while many others preach of disunity. Blessed are they who see too much and persevere.

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