Truck drives through crowd in Minneapolis, apparently hitting none; evening  sees mass arrests but little violence – Twin Cities

Moscow, ID

            While on a long run from Ohio to Washington, Dean Gaket, a career trucker for two decades now, saw a strange glint in the road ahead. While he’d been down the stretch of highway leading into Moscow, Idaho many times before he’d never seen anything glinting in midair, and before he could run into the object he decided to pull to the side of the road to see what it was.

            “I’ve been down this road a few times on a run across the states,” Dean stated, “But when I saw what it was I got irritated, and when the punks that put it there tried to throw at me I got mad. The overpass that runs over the highway is a perfect spot for mischief unfortunately and the Antifa thugs I ran into actually tried to throw the object at me as I was passing by. So I stopped when I was under the overpass, thankfully it was early in the morning and there wasn’t much traffic, and I waited. Oh yeah, they missed me entirely, which made me laugh.”

            The alteration is one of a few that has been happening as of late as Antifa members, recognizable by the black bloc that they wear and in some cases by their flags and outfits, have taken to assaulting truckers along with rioters in an attempt sow further discord in the nation. This time however they met up with a trucker who was not only aware of their tactics, but was also armed with a heavy iron bar that he uses only when necessary.

            “I don’t like guns,” Dean stated, “But I can see a use for them. The only problem is that each state has their own rules and regulations. My pry bar has done a good deal of work for me in the past though since it usually takes one solid hit and the other person is down for the count or doesn’t want to mess with you anymore.”

            In this instance it would appear that after having his front windshield cracked after the Antifa members descended from the overpass to harass Dean, the trucker stepped out and delivered his own brand of justice in the form of a broken ankle for one member of the group and a shattered collarbone for another. Following the altercation Dean did call the police and waited on them to arrive while three of the six members of the group escaped, while the two injured members couldn’t get away and the third was too frightened to move. At this time Dean is awaiting his day in court, but doesn’t expect be charged with anything as the Antifa members have apparently given an accounting of their wrongdoings.

@Haddadada tweeted:

            Seriously? They might need a load of buckshot in their ass to really get the lesson.

@MissDolly tweeted:

            Good for you! Teach those punks that this isn’t acceptable!

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