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“Babe?” he croaked, raising his bottle to his mouth. He needed a drink, badly he found. But as he raised his hand he realized it was empty, and even more, it was red.


No, no his hand wasn’t red, but it was covered in red, as blood coated his normally tan skin, running down between his fingers, feeling warm upon his flesh as he blinked hard, then again.

“BAAAD! BAAAA-AAD!” the voice that came suddenly from behind him cut off in a coughing fit that set the unseen screamer to choking, but he couldn’t see anyone as the landscape around him shifted, shuddering as the lawn, the fence surrounding their back yard, even the house, fuzzed out of existence for a moment, revealing a vast, arid view that set his heart to beating quickly as he raised his hand to his face again.

He saw no blood, but upon casting his gaze down he did see green grass, an overturned bottle that was spilling beer onto the grass.

“Babe, are you okay?” His wife’s voice almost caused him to stumble, but as she approached him, reaching out to put her arms around him, there was no sense of horror or confusion thankfully.

But what had just happened?

(to be continued)

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