Department stores reinvent themselves for a new age

Yuma, AZ

            Karma has a way of making things better or worse depending on how a person reacts to them. In the case of Leslie Moredon, an act of theft was quickly followed by attempted manslaughter as she pushed a Safeway employee to the ground, forcing the employee, a mother of three named Harriett Rhymes, to strike her head upon the asphalt. Only seconds later Leslie was attempting to make her getaway but was successfully detained by another employee of the store, Harriett’s coworker and friend Amal Overitte, who managed to grab the thief’s keys when she dropped them after her hurried assault.

            “I heard Harriett yelling for someone to help her because she was trying to catch a thief,” said Amal, “Everyone else was busy at the moment helping customers and such, so I did what I could. Harriett said the woman was stuffing items in her bra and it’s a horrible thought but the first thought I had was ‘now we can’t sell that stuff’, after looking at the woman and how sweaty she was. But I still had to help since I wasn’t doing anything at the time.”

            Amal was quick to call the police after snagging the thief’s keys, requesting an ambulance as Harriett was not quick to get up. Her injuries included a bruised pelvis and a mild concussion upon hitting the ground, charges which will be added to Leslie’s case as she has currently been detained in the local county jail. At this time Leslie has refused to give a statement but Norton Dewell, the store manager, had this to say:

            “Everyone is grateful to Harriett and Amal for catching the thief and it goes without saying that they’ll be given a proper thank you. We’ve had several thefts within the last year and have installed new security cameras, but obviously they don’t catch everything.”

            At this time Harriett is still recovering and Amal has been seen as a local hero by his coworkers and community.

@AwakeandAsleep tweeted:

            Go Amal! I wonder if that chick is claiming that she was being unlawfully detained?

@TreatMeRight tweeted:

            Wow, a smart criminal keeping her mouth shut, did the world suddenly tip on its ear?

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