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Los Angeles, CA

            Anything that has to do with a white supremacist usually doesn’t end well in an area that’s even mildly diverse, but it was brought to the attention of several people lately that there is a white supremacist living in one of the most dangerous places in the world for such an individual. Apart from living in an area dominated entirely by diversity, one might not expect to find a white supremacist living peacefully, if somewhat apart, from the general populace. When asked though, several residents had a few interesting things to say.

“If we give into the hate that his tattoos, those that we can see, promote then we’re no better than he is.”

“He doesn’t really interact with people in the neighborhood. He comes out, gets his groceries, gases up his car when it’s needed, and then stays home. He doesn’t bother anyone really, at least not on purpose. A few people have had an issue with him just being in the neighborhood, but he doesn’t say anything that would bring him a lot of trouble.”

“If not for the admission that he is a white supremacist, and his tattoos, a lot of people might never know. He keeps to himself and is pretty quiet really. You can see the disdain in his eyes, but he never says anything to start trouble.”

            Miller Whietsyn, who was born and raised in various locations within Los Angeles, has no jail record and only a few incidents to his name in which he was forced to defend himself. Each time however it was discovered that he’d done nothing to provoke an attack, though his views on his neighbors and those that live in the neighborhood of Watts have done plenty to infuriate others. For the most part however, Miller has kept to himself as a result has become known as the most pacifistic white supremacist in LA.

@HustlenBustle tweeted:

            Can you even say the guy’s a white supremacist unless he pushes his views? That’s just damned odd.

@RollinBydie tweeted:

            Some white supremacists might call him a poser and that he’s not down for the cause, personally I think that he’s just trying to get by with his head down, which is smart.

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