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Piedmont, ND

            The idea that we must watch what we say closely is one that is being continually ingrained into the public consciousness, though it is apparent that not everyone is following the same lesson. University professor Sidney Deane is currently under fire as one of his students, Omar Elldong, has brought it to the attention of the university president that he believes that Mr. Deane threatened his life during a class, a claim that several of his classmates are willing to back even while several others are attempting to argue against. It should be noted at this time that while Mr. Deane and Omar are both black males, the class, Writing Basics 425, is quite racially diverse, which should hopefully paint a more balanced picture of the current situation.

            “I said what I said,” Mr. Deane stated in an interview, “When my student decided to challenge my own explanation of writing his words to me were ‘How easy is it to write?’. I replied, ‘How easy is it to breathe?’. Apparently he took this as a threat, though I was not being threatening in any way, nor was I aiming to appear threatening in my delivery. It was a simple question I pose to many of my students that ask such a thing in my classes. To me, writing is as simple as breathing, one takes in the world around them from their own perspective, and gives it back in a way that people can hopefully understand and comprehend. But at no time did I make a threat to this young man.”

            Amazingly there is no video footage of the incident as the students in this class are required to keep their phones off or at the very least out of sight. Apparently it is not unknown for Mr. Deane to confiscate any phones he sees being used during class, or to ask the offending student to leave should they not comply. At this time however there has been no action taken against Mr. Deane.

@HardenUp tweeted:

            Little boy needs to grow a set if he wants to step out into the world. Oh, did I assume his gender? My bad….but not really.

@Bandolero343 tweeted:

            I’d say the real world is going to chew him up if he thinks that’s a death threat, but we’re so worried about coddling people now that he should be just fine once he’s out of the playpen.

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