Long Lines At Bottle Return Sites

Portland, OR

            A trash war broke out nearly a week ago at a local bottle return center when people were barred from simply entering the building before being given a routine check. The practice has been deemed necessary after several drug deals were seen by citizens that preferred to remain anonymous. While the practice has slowed down the influx of people into the building it has also created a great deal of tension between the police officers that have volunteered their time to keep people safe and the people seeking to cash in their plastic bottles. It wasn’t long until one person in particular organized a loose bunch of individuals to start pelting the officers with trash, which resulted in several arrests as those throwing garbage were charged with assault and battery an officer and illegal dumping as those items that didn’t strike the officers were left behind. The charge of defacing private property was added later when the owner of the building decided to press charges.

            “No one has the time to be frisked when they come up to a bottle return,” said one customer who preferred to remain anonymous, “We’re busy people that have stuff to do, and if the cops have nothing better to do than this then why are our taxes paying their salaries? I mean what, they think we’re all carrying a kilo of coke in our bags or something?”

            At this time the offenders are currently awaiting their court date, with several of them currently sitting in Multnomah County Corrections and only two having made bail. Witnesses are currently being asked to step forward for the police and for the aggravators, but thus far only one video account has been offered from a bystander that happened to notice the altercation.

@AddiRall tweeted:

            Yeah you’re taxes are paying for the cops’ salaries, and I’m sure they’re thankful for that one to two dollars you contribute each month…..oh by the way you used up two to three month’s worth of opinions in that little rant, better feed the meter….

@HolyHolyHell tweeted:

            If you’re at a bottle drop that’s known for drug dealing and don’t want to be frisked, find another, they’re not a rarity these days…..

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