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Vancouver, WA

            There are a few businesses and several people that have a good reason to rejoice these days since it’s been announced that the lock down will cease at the end of the month for some states. In anticipation of this one of the many smaller theaters in Vancouver, Washington has unfortunately jumped the gun a bit in an effort to follow through with post-lock down measures that will be implemented, such as the continuation of social distancing and the screening process which is being deemed necessary to keep people from catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus.

            “We have our opening all decked out so that people can enter a type of clean-room environment and be screened in order to make sure that they don’t have a fever and aren’t sick since we don’t want to spread the disease any further,” said Alina Markos, owner of the small Orchards Theater, “But where we really kind of messed up was thinking that we needed to take out all the seats that we did in order to maintain social distancing, since we’ve removed well over a hundred seats between three auditoriums and now it looks horrible.”

            The theater has kept the seats in storage at this time and should be to reinstall them should business return to what it once was, but the gaping holes between several clusters of seats that has been left does in fact give the theater a very run-down appearance. Alina has stated that she plans to carpet the gaps and make the auditoriums look more professional and even inviting, though she admits that she might have to raise the prices to make up for the lost revenue. The hope of course is that moviegoers will not only pay the extra price for added extravagance, but that eventually she can bring back more seats and increase the number of moviegoers once again.

@TweetyBoyd tweeted:

            Someone has an impulse control problem don’t they?

@Assassino23 tweeted:

            Why not go the Cinetopia route and just go for sheer comfort and higher prices?

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