Archbishop Cranmer

Los Angeles, CA

            It’s very typical to hear an uproar from society upon learning that a convict that was sent to prison for a violent crime is being paroled or released under special circumstances. In the case of several men that have been recently released however it has become a matter of life and death after one of them, a convicted rapist, was caught in the act. Harold Dimwicks, a two-time convicted felon, was caught trying to break into the Men’s Central Jail just last week, citing that the ‘whole city’ was gunning for him.

            The issue arose from the release of Harold and several other convicts that were paroled due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the harm it was believed to do within the over-crowded prison system. Against better judgment and a vehement protest from several concerned citizens, several inmates were released back into society where several of them have currently attempted to get back to their lives. Harold however apparently couldn’t resist the temptation to go back to his old life and was caught in the home of Mae and Danny Raje, who ran to the defense of their daughter Olivia to find that Harold attempting to force himself upon her. Harold admitted later to stalking the teen and planning how he would sneak into her room later.

            “We heard our daughter crying out and our instincts just kicked in,” said Danny, who was quick to retrieve a Remington shotgun from the family gun safe, “Mae grabbed a pistol and I had a shotgun and we were locked and loaded on the way to the room, where we found our daughter trying to fight off a guy we’d never seen before. The moment the door kicked in though he was out of her room immediately through the window. We might have let it go at that and called the cops but saner heads didn’t prevail at that point.”

            According to Danny, Harold was seen climbing out of the window and was threatened by a neighbor who then retrieved their own weapon. After asking what was going on and being informed by Harold, the neighbor passed the word around the community, eventually leading Harold to find that there was no longer a safe haven for him anywhere in the city. As a last ditch effort Harold attempted to break into Men’s Central where he admitted he would feel safe again, and is currently being held on an attempted rape charge.

@AtchaBoy tweeted:

            Now that’s what’s up! You wanna let the bad guys out? Fine, might as well paint targets on their backs since those of us that ain’t gonna put up with their crap are gonna be watchin’.

@HollaHolla tweeted:

            He’s damn lucky they didn’t want to traumatize their daughter any further by painting the room with his guts.

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