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Vancouver, WA

            A lot of people are tough when typing on the internet as is seen on social media over and over, but many will fold immediately the moment they’re presented with the person they’ve insulted. This was almost the case during a festival in Esther Short Park when two individuals, Terrence Mack and Clinton Mogan, began commenting on a political-based article on Facebook only to realize nearly five minutes into it that they were standing only a few feet away from one another.

            “I had my phone in hand and I was watching people go by as I was responding to this guy, and things just kept getting heated,” said Terrence, “At one point though I heard somebody nearby recite verbatim what I’d just wrote. I might have chalked it up to coincidence had the phrase I used ‘dried up old prunes’ not been repeated, but since I’d just used it I looked over and saw the guy in the image that was on the guy’s Facebook post. I almost exploded at that point since he’d been trying to call me out and said a bunch of nasty things about my family and what he’d do to me if he ever caught me on the street, all over a stupid post and an opinion.”

            According to witnesses the brawl didn’t start until one of Clinton’s friends, a man identified as Justin NoCall, attempted to intimidate Terrence. Failing that, Justin was tossed to the ground as Clinton attempted to make his getaway, but was caught by Terrence, who proceeded to pummel Clinton to the ground even as Clinton tried to swing back. Justin did join the fight again but was knocked to the ground once more before Terrence took a last swing at Clinton and, as witnesses have said, rendered him unconscious for several minutes. Terrence, Clinton, and Justin were all taken into custody, booked and released later that day.

@HellNaw tweeted:

            It’s kind of irritating when someone can talk tough but bolts like a rabbit when they’re confronted by the same person. Wuss.

@TaTaForNow tweeted:

            He could talk the talk and walk the walk…in the other direction.

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