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Denver, CO

             A local Denver resident by the name of Jackie Eaterdown is currently looking at charges for attempting to incite a riot following the death of George Floyd, though she has been currently unavailable to speak to authorities or journalists for a statement. There are however plenty of posts on social media and even text messages that were sent to friends and family members that grew concerned for her safety and alerted authorities to her activities. A mother of one and wife to a transgender woman, Jackie has been quite vehement concerning her beliefs on equality in America, but has also been suspended from her various social media accounts more than once for posting controversial material. The following post on Twitter was what landed her in trouble most recently with authorities.

@GayWomanLuv tweeted:

            Justice for George Floyd! These sickly white pigs that squeal and think they can get away with murder need to be led to the slaughter just like the poor African Americans they’ve been kneeling on for so long and targeting with their racial hatred! I urge every POC and white ally to make their way to whatever venue they can, preferably a ‘cop shop’ so that we can show these little piggies that the big bad wolves of change and progress aren’t going to lie down and take this noise! The Denver Police Administration sounds like a fun little site for a cookout, don’t you think? I’d willingly lead the charge for anyone that’s interested! Time to make some piggies squeal!

            The post has since been taken down, but Jackie went on the run not too long after initiating the post, leaving her daughter with her ex-father-in-law. Relatives have cooperated with authorities in an attempt to find her, stating that she wouldn’t harm a fly. Police are currently on the lookout for Jackie and her wife Eleanor, but have no leads at the moment.

@ThisGuy55 tweeted:

            “Poor” African Americans? Woman I was born in America, Africa’s about three generations in the rear view for my family, so pump that bs up someone else’s butt. Black folks, do yourselves a favor and don’t listen to this nut.

@DiggaDagga tweeted:

            The ignorant speak and the cowards flee when they’re called out, isn’t that usually the case?

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