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Hayden Island, OR

            Quite a few residents between Washington and Oregon have expressed a great deal of frustration with the current quarantine and have taken it upon themselves to get out when they can and enjoy their day. While many see the necessity in making a trip to the grocery store or other essential businesses, the need to take a leisurely walk now and again has also been a need of many residents throughout the country these days. However, when called upon to detain and possibly arrest two individuals that were discovered walking on private property the officers in question refused to do so. Officers Jay Deruso and Miles Onow refused to detain two residents of Hayden Island, who wished to remain anonymous, as they were walking around the derelict grounds of the remains of the Doubletree Hotel located on the western side of the I-5 bridge.

            “It is private property and there are quite a few squatters that come and go in this place,” Officer Deruso explained, “These were a couple of college kids though and they were just out for a walk as far as we could see. We explained the situation and our concerns after getting a call from someone about trespassers on the grounds, then we let them go. They weren’t doing any harm so there was no need to detain them.”

            Unfortunately for the two officers their superior was far less forgiving and handed out a suspension for each of them for not performing their duty. Shortly after being sent home Officer Onow decided to create a YouTube video detailing the event and his own analysis of it, stating that he and his fellow officer were in the right, and that they were there to serve and protect, not to be security guards.

@StormOnIn tweeted:

            Wow, a cop actually fighting for people’s rights to be outside, that’s cool.

@SamiRye tweeted:

            It’s okay to congregate in a closed up grocery store but don’t you DARE WALK AROUND A DESERTED HOTEL!!!

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