The The Greek Letter Upsilon

Barstow, CA

            The birth of a child is almost always a pleasant event as family and friends come together to celebrate and congratulate the new parents. Even in the current times the families of Ellie and Jonas Tyred were on hand for a chat on Zoom to see the new addition to their family. But when they were asked what their little boy’s name was, the couple raised a few eyebrows as they decided to name him Upsilon, after the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet. Their explanation is that they met during a Greek philosophy course back in college, and when picking out names, Upsilon somehow stuck and sounded ‘just right’ to both of them.

            “It’s not a hard word to say and we believe that our son will be just fine growing up with a symbol for a name,” said Jonas, “Even if he gets picked on he can explain his name to others and some of them might actually think it’s pretty cool.”

            Despite the reactions of their friends and family the couple are keeping the name and have since stopped speaking to a few of their friends it sounds like. According to Ellie, their parents have been a little more accepting and are simply happy to have a healthy grandchild, though even they are a bit uncertain about his name, and have asked if they can institute a nickname for the child.

            “I’m not sure why so many of our friends and family are having an issue with this,” said Ellie, “It’s not like we’re simply naming our kid a symbol and holding people to showing it when they talk about him. It’s our kid, we’ll name him what we feel is right.”

            At this time the couple have been home and are currently continuing to practice social distancing routines to keep their young one safe and sound.

@AttaWhat tweeted:

            Do people understand how unbearably cruel kids can be once they learn that another kid has an odd name?

@DontSay tweeted:

            Oh this poor kid, he’ll be hearing Greek jokes and everything under the sun aplenty by the time he’s in school.

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