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            Philip Rollins became a world record holder only a few days ago when he broke the record for how far a person can handle being rolled along inside a tire. Unfortunately this record came with a hefty price since Philip found that he couldn’t straighten himself upon falling out of the tire after rolling along for nearly half a mile. Not only that, but he has yet to regain his equilibrium fully and is forced to rely on someone to help him walk from place to place. This continual vertigo has been largely unheard of by many people since vertigo can come and go as many have experienced it. The distance that Rollins was kept in the tire however appears to have something to do with his current condition, and he has yet to return home as doctors are attempting to discover just what can be done to restore his sense of balance. In the meantime he has been allowed to see a chiropractor that has managed to work out the kinks in his back.

            “I could feel and hear every crunch in my back when the doctor was working on me,” stated Rollins during an interview, “It sounded like someone stomping on a bag of chips or something and it felt like he was breaking the bones all over again. I know he wasn’t, but the pain was intense.”

            Despite the record being beaten and recorded on video it has already been stated that it won’t count as a world record as a representative from the Guinness World Records wasn’t on hand to document the moment. What this means is that Philip has gone through a great deal of trouble and pain without the payoff he was hoping for, and will have several weeks, if not months, of therapy to follow.

@JalapWhat tweeted:

            See, the trick is to call Guinness first, THEN do the stunt, so at least then you have the record on lock.

@DontCalla tweeted:

            A half mile inside a tire? Dude must have been spewing a fountain when he finally stopped.

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