Cops Beaten, Shot, Rammed by SUVs as George Floyd Protests Boil Over

Los Angeles, CA

            In the recent wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, protestors and rioters have been seen to target businesses and even people that haven’t complied with the mob mentality that has been running rampant throughout the country at this time. There have been several individuals that have insisted that the mob is not ‘mindless’ in the destruction that they’ve caused and that businesses are insured and the workers will be able to obtain unemployment, making this development a ‘win-win’. There are others such as Robert Ober that have attempted to spread a message of non-violence that has been vehemently denied more than once in the past few days.

            “I worked at a local Arby’s that was torched recently,” Bob stated in an interview, “And they’re right, the place is insured, it’s a nationwide chain, and we’ll probably get unemployment. But the pay wasn’t the issue, neither was the fact that it’s insured. These folks are tearing down their own neighborhood and they have the audacity to state that it’s in the name of equality. That’s like tearing your neighbor’s house down just because you’re pissed off at something that someone did half a continent away. There’s no sense to it, and those trying to quell it are being shouted down or even worse. I know that much for a fact.”

            After discovering that another riot was being planned in the city not long after the arson that took down his workplace, Robert attempted to spread the message that such hatred and violence wasn’t solving anything. The response was swift and nearly as violent as anything that’s been experienced to date, as he was inundated with death threats and promises of swift retribution if he showed up at the riots. To date, Robert hasn’t set foot near one of the ‘protests’ for fear that someone might actually follow through.

@RajnTaj tweeted:

            People want to say that a riot is what happens when they’re not listened to. Yeah, when you act like a child throwing a tantrum the best response is usually to ignore it until the kid wears themselves out, or stamp that s*** out quickly.

@Immortal4 tweeted:

            It’s probably better that he doesn’t go, the mob usually isn’t known for being that self-aware.

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