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Aurora, OR

            A female jogger suffered a panic attack in downtown Aurora, Oregon only two days back after discovering something she found incredibly disturbing. Fellow joggers and cyclists found Karen Ocaren breathing heavily and unable to move as she was crouched against the base of a fir tree near the main roadway leading into town, sobbing to herself and being unresponsive at first as people attempted to ask her what was wrong. It was only when a single woman approached her that she opened up finally, hugging the woman close as though afraid to let go. The woman in question, cyclist Amelia Boorhen, had this to say:

            “I wasn’t really certain what was going on but she was sitting there crying and shaking so I couldn’t in good faith just ride on by without at least checking to see what was wrong. When she grabbed me and held me so tight I could feel her trembling, but when she finally told me what had caused the panic attack she was suffering I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or distance myself from her as quickly as possible. She told me there were ‘too many damned men out’ that day and that it was increasing her anxiety. I’ve never wanted to shake a person so badly in my life just to hear the last marble rattling around inside, but when I finally took off she was just fine and said that she would make it home.”

            When asked if this sort of thing had happened before, by a female journalist no less, Karen declined to comment. After witnesses have reported seeing her running the same route in and out of town that many other joggers and cyclists enjoy and experiencing no further panic attacks however it has become possible to wonder just how real the issue was in the first place.

@NotTodayKaren tweeted:

            It’s possible that she saw a big fat guy chugging along and was scared he’d fall on her, that might trigger a panic attack….

@Dularight tweeted:

            One time in how many days, weeks, months? Go home and soak your head Karen….

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