Al Capone Goes to Prison - HISTORY

Denver, CO

            Up and coming director Lewis Capomiass recently made the decision to remove his gangster movie “I, Capone” from an upcoming film festival that’s planning to hold its inaugural contest this coming fall. Rumors have already started to fly as to why such a thing would happen, as the mafia presence in Colorado is fairly non-existent and Capone’s legend has ben done and redone so many times that it’s hard to figure why anyone would have an issue over it, especially given how many movies have shown the former mob boss in a favorable light. Witnesses that have been around Lewis, who refused an interview earlier, have stated that he’s been distant, even hesitant to talk with anyone lately.

            “I did see him talking to someone I didn’t recognize,” said Lewis’ friend and the producer of the film “But he didn’t look like anyone threatening or even imposing really. If anything he looked like an accountant, kind of a squirrely, nervous type that you wouldn’t associate with a big, hulking thug like Luca Brasi from the Godfather. I don’t really know why Lewis pulled out, apart from some half-baked excuse that he didn’t think his film was that good.”

            The film in question was made as a biography of Capone and used the information that Lewis and several of his helpers managed to discover during an extensive search of the man’s life. While some of the facts appear to have been taken directly from Google and other online sources, the rumor is that Lewis was given access to records that very few people have ever seen, though as this is an unsubstantiated rumor it’s rather difficult to prove. All that’s known at this point is that the film will no longer be featured during the festival.

@AllAliens tweeted:

            I can’t imagine the New York mafia, if they still exist, would care one damn bit about this…..they ran him out of Brooklyn for crying out loud.

@GoodThingGone tweeted:

            What was the information? That he was a crossdresser like Hoover?

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