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New York, NY

            Food banks are a continual source of relief for a lot of people that are in need and tend to service very wide areas depending on their size. Lately however one food bank was unable to offer their goods after being ransacked by two homeless men that were later caught trying to sell the food on the street, posing as vendors after having stolen a hot dog cart. Both thefts were within a matter of days of each other and patrons to the cart found it rather odd that there was such a wide selection of foodstuffs being sold, particularly since there were foods that had no business being kept in a cart.

            “They had chicken, ribs, noodle dishes coming out of the warmer, and a bunch of other stuff during the week. You don’t normally see a hot dog cart serve up much more than hot dogs, chips, pretzels, and soda usually,” said one concerned citizen, “I’m kind of surprised no one got sick since they had to have found a way to cook some of that meat outside, and I can’t imagine a single bit of it was sanitary.”

            Those that had been regulars to the hot dog cart were helpful in identifying it as the individual that had been operating it depended on the cart for his livelihood and had reported it stolen nearly two weeks before it was discovered only ten blocks away from where he usually set up. The two homeless men that took the cart and robbed the nearby food bank, making off with nearly half of the inventory the location had, were arrested and charged with theft only two days ago. At this time the vendor’s cart has been returned and the food bank is trying to recover their losses as there’s no telling where the lost food ended up.

@FilthtoIck tweeted:

            The homeless guys probably did it on purpose to get a little money and then get arrested, free room and board with three hots and a cot.

@GottaMake tweeted:

            That’s some planning there guys, get arrested and thrown in the slammer where the taxpayer’s footing the bill.

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