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Grand Rapids, MI

            A lot of us have seen the harmless pranks that people pull on others in various locations thanks to social media. One couple was out-pranked however when the store owners realized who they were after having seen them perform several pranks online and decided to deliver a dose of karmic justice. Eddie and Dorothy Amin are a well-known internet couple that have their own YouTube channel on which they upload their videos covering pranks, advice on certain subjects, and DIY ideas every other day in order to keep their hundreds of thousands of viewers happy and entertained. What happened in a local Safeway in Grand Rapids, MI however is something they won’t soon forget.

            “The bucket over the head routine is gold,” said Eddie during an interview, “It never really gets old and people fall for it all the time, even if it’s not all that sensible. I mean with anything there’s timing and there’s that need to play it off just right like ‘I don’t know, someone put a bucket on my head too’ when people look at you funny. This time though, the store owner somehow saw us coming and was sneaky enough to get one over on us, and that’s not easy. The timing and precision this had to take was absolutely nuts, not to mention knowing which buckets we’d be likely to go for. I kind of wonder if the owner had his people set all the buckets in that aisle up like that.”

            What Eddie was referring to is the fact that the store owner, who guessed that this would happen simply by watching YouTube videos of the couple, had his people quickly set up a few medium-sized utility buckets while the couple were elsewhere in the store. Then the owner used an employee as a plant to record the gag while the couple had brought their own camera person with them to film the prank. The first bucket that Eddie placed over the head of the unsuspecting ‘customer’ was empty and clean, while the buckets that he and his wife placed over their heads contained a handful of flour, which liberally dusted both husband and wife as their shock was palpable and caught on camera.

            Thankfully both Eddie and Dorothy managed to get a good laugh from this as the owner was quick to respond and to let them know that he’d seen them before. After helping the couple clean themselves up, laughing all the while, it was agreed that it was a good time for all.

@HobunTow tweeted:

            And who says there isn’t just good fun on the internet?

@BeenThereDone tweeted:

            I might be a little mad at first, but if you’re a prankster then you’ve got to expect some form of karma at one point or another. Fair play.

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