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Los Angeles, CA

            As many former college students and graduates could explain, not every graduate will go on to lead the life they want, and many won’t even manage to utilize the degree they earned. The truth is that the same money that’s spent on an education at a four-year university could just as easily go to a trade school that will almost assure a skilled trade and a job once the individual graduates. Such an explanation wasn’t good enough for Allie Crimeriveer, a recent graduate from UCLA that has so far failed to make her way into the luxurious world of show business following graduation. Despite being offered a very prized internship at Paramount Pictures Allie held out in hopes that her location, Universal, would return her calls.

            “We don’t give these kids false hope when they entertain notions of trying to break into show business,” said Milton Waddums, a tenured professor at UCLA, “We tell them early on that their chances of making their way into their dream job is next to nil. It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and a lot of self-sacrifice to make one’s way into show business. Those of us that try and don’t quite make it still tend to do our best in trying to teach those that come after.”

            Recently Allie attempted to file a lawsuit against UCLA in an attempt to cancel her student debt on the grounds that the university was negligent in procuring or helping her to procure the desired employment upon graduation. Thus far her attempt has yet to bear any fruit as the presiding judge has tossed her case out of court, citing that the only negligence in this instance is her own as the university is not held liable for the decisions of the individual leading up to and upon graduation. It has been announced recently that Allie intends to sue individual professors that she feels did help her enough, though there is no word yet on whether a case has been taken any further.

@GwanbeIrie tweeted:

            Seriously? Why not sue a McDonald’s employee for your cottage cheese thighs and fat ass? After all they didn’t tell you to get out when you visit three or four times a day….

@Rahtid434 tweeted:

            This is a big reason why Millennials and Generation Z folks are getting so much crap. Just shut up already and get to work.

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