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The hundreds of figures that were there, lining his shelves, looked like regular toys from a glance, but once I looked a Iittle closer, I noticed that quite a few of them looked absolutely life-like. And I don’t meant that their details were that great, I mean they were LIFE, LIKE, as in they looked as though they could have hopped off the shelves and gone on about their business like regular, tiny humans. Thankfully none of them had done that, since such a thing would have freaked me right the hell out, and I would have gladly stomped the life out of every one of them. Still, their stares had been unnerving, at least until I’d seen Max.

He’d been sitting on his bed, his sock-covered feet visible as his legs had been stretched out. His face had still appeared life-like, as much as his dolls, but he didn’t respond to me. I even went up and spoke to him, reaching out to grab his shoulder, and nothing. That same, neutral stare was all I could see as he’d stared at the far wall, unmoving, unblinking, and as I quickly discovered, unbreathing. To this day I still see that stare. I saw it as I told his roommate to call for an ambulance, and I saw it when the cops questioned us both while looking at us with obvious disdain since they believed this to be a prank. But when Max was announced DOA to the local hospital and eventually opened up for an autopsy, the M.E. apparently had to admit that he’d never seen a case like it in his life.

Every internal organ had been intact, but it had been turned to plastic. That report has since been passed around as a kind of gag for a while now, but I’ll never forget it since the guy said in his report that Max’s body had taken on the same consistency and properties of the same plastic that was used for a wide number of action figures throughout the US. Do you get that? He BECAME a plastic figure, just like the damned things he’d collected for so long. I know people won’t believe me, and I don’t care. I saw it, I witnessed it, and not something I ever want to see again. I don’t know what happened, why, or how, but it was one of the strangest ways I’ve ever seen someone pass.

You don’t believe me? That’s fine, I wouldn’t either.

The End

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