Informant: Chicago Black Disciples Boss May Have Been Murdered Over Missing  Drugs From Mexican Cartel

Los Angeles, CA

            Hollywood has gone a long way towards glamorizing the mafia lifestyle, but every now and then it comes too close to the truth for the liking of some. Franklin Howard, aka Frankie “No Nose” Howard was once a loyal soldier belonging to one of the most powerful families in New York, but three decades ago he became an informant for the FBI and had to be put in protective custody. What many people have heard is that those in protective custody tend to be safe enough so long as they don’t attempt to go back to the life. What isn’t always shared is the fact that the memory of the mafia is long and no matter that many of those he associated with are now dead or behind bars, Franklin made a good number of enemies when he turned informant. His body was found drifting down the LA River just days ago, with the cause of death being determined to be an old-fashioned ice pick to the base of his skull.

            “This isn’t the type of case you normally hear about these days since there’s so much to be said for DNA research and of course everyone thinks that every police department is in league with some type of CSI team that can figure things out in an hour’s time,” said Officer Dwayne Dobbem, the officer who was alerted by a concerned citizen, “This murder though is going to take a while I believe since not only have not found any fingerprints, but the ice pick to the skull is a known tactic. The problem is that we might know how it was done and guess who did it, but that still leaves a lot of big questions.”

             There have been no formal statements from the Howard family at this time as they have requested to be left alone to mourn Franklin’s loss for the time being.

@BrokenDown tweeted:

            You don’t disrespect the family….seriously, not in that world you don’t.

@AllaTime tweeted:

            No disrespect intended, but everybody has to pay in the end.

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