Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win?

Seattle, WA

            The controversy over which heroes are best and who can beat who is an ongoing bit that a lot of fans have continued to debate over the course of the past decade, particularly since the Marvel Cinematic Universe came into being. Since that point many fans have debated just which company is better, Marvel or DC, with many siding with their favorite and some taking the time to illustrate why it’s possible to enjoy both. Some fans however don’t generally see eye to eye when it comes time to discuss who can beat who as the current argument takes place within the MCU and involves two of its female heroes. While a lot of fans might argue that debating which hero is more powerful is a bit silly two fans on a city bus in Seattle decided it was worth coming to blows concerning just who was more powerful, the Scarlet Witch or Captain Marvel.

            “I knew who they were talking about since I enjoyed the comics back in my day and so did my kids,” said Camilla Owalye, the bus driver that escorted both fans from the bus, “My grandkids enjoy the comics too so I have a little bit of an idea of what they were getting at, but it didn’t make it any sillier. I’d already asked them to tone it down since they were shouting at each other at one point, but when they started hitting each other I couldn’t let it go on. I called the cops and then at the next stop I escorted them off so that the police could take them.”

            The two fans in question, both grown men that, as it was discovered, both live with their parents, have been released on bail and charged with disturbing the peace.

@DieHardest tweeted:

            Bro, you guys duked it out over two fictional women? How hard were those around you laughing?

@ImminaNim tweeted:

            Ah, the annoying sound of nerds slap-fighting in the morning….

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