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            Criticizing celebrities has become a rather easy thing to do over the years, but it’s also become problematic in the current era as some celebrities have gone the extra mile it would appear when trying to help others out in hard times. As one columnist from The Columbian notes however, some celebrities’ attempts to help others is little more than damage control after flaunting a life that is insanely extravagant in an effort to get the attention of the masses. As the columnist, who chose to remain anonymous, noted:

            “A lot of celebrities, be they A-listers or just jumped-up socialites that think they’re that great because somehow or some way they became rich at one point, think that they’re above it all and can earn the goodwill they want by doing a few good things to make people forget about all the other crap they’ve done. The unfortunate part is that many fans eat this up and go from thinking that these celebs are disgusting, spoiled attention-mongers to genuinely good people who are simply exuberant and, if they’re bad, were made that way by the unruly fans that demand too much of them. At this point we know we’re not dealing fans, but brain-dead sheep that are too enamored of the stars to realize they’re being fleeced with a dazzling smile and an assurance that they are being given the respect that they believe they deserve. In truth, the celebs that put on these kind and caring faces will turn the corner and become once again the money and fame-hungry mongers they were to begin with.”

            While many fans have still stood firm against the columnist’s words, many more have joined the rallying cry against celebrities, stating in no uncertain terms that special consideration for anything, be it a donation or a kind word in these hard times, is not enough. While the debate rages on as to whether or not celebrities are in fact worth the special consideration that some appear to desire, many fans have made it clear that the celebrities have an obligation to be decent people and to help their fans, and do not deserve any special consideration.

@JiffyPOP tweeted:

            It’s really hard to know if a celebrity is being altruistic or just giving to improve their image. After all, a few thousand or even a million for some of them is a drop in the bucket.

@GiveOff tweeted:

            They’ve already got ‘special consideration’, they got it when they entered the life. Doing for your fellow humans, your fans especially, is a good way to say thank you for keeping them there.

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