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San Diego, CA

            It’s usually not a good idea to wave any type of weapon at a police officer, even if it’s a toy. One individual learned that the hard way a couple days ago outside the San Diego convention center, where typically one of the largest conventions in the world is normally held for those that love Comic Con and tend to save up all year just to attend. Fans from all over the world attend this convention and the revenue that’s brought in by the annual occurrence is impressive as vendors fill the massive space with everything from new technology to kids toys and booths that are set up to bring attention to aspiring artists and writers.

            Unfortunately thanks to the coronavirus and its massive spread worldwide the convention was canceled this year, though somehow Amelia Bedilla, an avid comic and video game fan, didn’t get the memo. Showing up at the convention center dressed as Lara Croft though, the reality of the situation sank in quickly when she noted that there were no lines and there wasn’t a mass of people congregating in the front of the building as usual. When officers that were on the scene to keep people from trying to enter, as the problem did arise until word was sent out online, attempted to calmly tell her the same thing they’d told others, Amelia became noticeably aggravated as she went so far as to draw her twin firearms.

            “Fortunately they were air pistols,” said officer Drew Gales, “so they weren’t deadly, but her attitude and demeanor made it clear that she was agitated and we’re trained to respond quickly in any situation we feel is life-threatening. Fortunately my partner was a bit more clear-headed and reached for his taser instead of his pistol, incapacitating her so that we could place the cuffs on her before transporting the agitator to county.”

            Currently Amelia has been booked and is awaiting arraignment for assault with a firearm, though it’s believed that this charge will be lessened.

@TheRealPuzz tweeted:

            Girl have you gone nuts? Just because you dress like Lara Croft doesn’t mean you’re a badass like her. Reach out your hand and smack yourself, repeat as necessary.

@CrofttotheLoft tweeted:

            How in the world does a fan not know when Comic Con is closed?

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