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New York, NY

            The general attitude about officers of the law these days has been anything but overwhelmingly positive in various states as the authority granted to the police in the wake of the coronavirus has been seen as slightly excessive to say the least. But when the police are made to feel the same way as the general public however things tend to get a bit amusing for some individuals who might view this as karmic justice in a way. Only two days back Leon Gettinsky, a police officer passing through New York City on his way Albany, made the mistake of stopping in the midst of a protest in which police were attempting to break up a group of dissenting residents that were openly refusing to disperse. Not wanting to cause trouble, Leon attempted to move around the fracas to get what he’d been after, a simple cup of coffee to go from a deli that had remained open during this time.

            “I wasn’t trying to cause trouble or help out because I wasn’t on duty. My service pistol was in the car, locked away in its box under the driver’s seat, and I was in my regular clothes. I can see why the cops didn’t think much of taking me down, but the reason for doing so was pretty ridiculous. I was just trying to get back to my car after all.”

            Unfortunately for Leon the protesters has been moved back just enough so that returning to his car was nearly impossible and required him to try and move around the group, and around the police. When he was accosted by one of the officers while trying to skirt around them he attempted to state that he was in fact a police officer and tried to reach for his wallet. The arresting officer took this for an act of aggression however and quickly took Leon to the ground. After being checked out and cleared, Leon was content to get in his car and leave, but unfortunately things didn’t end there. At this time the arresting officer, one Doyle Brooks, is being questioned in regards to his conduct and will need to attend a hearing this coming week.

@LaughingHell tweeted:

            Just one word: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

@Jaileezy tweeted:

            So he didn’t get shot? Pssh, he got off easy.

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