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Portland, OR

            A Portland State University freshman was accused of rape earlier this month after inadvertently bumping into a female classmate. Harold Kumar was simply dropping off a bit of paperwork to the financial aid office via a dropbox. Unfortunately as he was turning to leave Harold failed to take note of a young woman by the name of Emily Fallond who had been bent over attempting to retrieve an item she had dropped. As the video evidence shows, Harold was startled to see Emily directly in front of him as he turned, but could not halt his forward movement in time and ended up running into her, with the lower half of his body meeting her backside forcefully enough to knock Emily to the ground. Worse however is the fact that somehow Harold’s belt buckle became entangled in a belt loop on Emily’s jeans, further entangling them as Harold attempted to calm the situation down.

            “We responded to the rape charge before anything, which was in this case the wrong move,” said Officer Peter Dickson, the officer that was on hand at that time, “Ms. Fallond was firmly convinced that Mr. Kumar had knocked her down on purpose and was trying to force himself on her. When she saw the video evidence however she was able to at least accept that he hadn’t been trying to assault her. She didn’t apologize for making the claim, though Mr. Kumar apologized profusely for the accident.”

            Unfortunately for Harold the incident has left its mark on him as several students that have heard about incident have taken to labeling him a rapist that managed to get away with the act. One student was even threatened with expulsion for attempting to post a blog detailing how the video evidence could have been doctored and that Kumar, who has no priors and no history of violence, is a dangerous predator. At this time Harold has switched over to online classes along with the rest of the student body, but the harassment has not stopped.

@JillyWillyBilly tweeted:

            Okay, so props to Harold for keeping his head in the situation, but the girl could have at least acknowledged that he wasn’t raping her for crying out loud.

@HellaDolly tweeted:

            It stings when #BelieveAllWomen turns in #BS doesn’t it?

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