25 Animal Bridges That Are Saving Wildlife Across The World

Clatskanie, OR

            Many people have seen the sad result of a small or even bigger animal that’s been struck by a car and left on the side of the road, or in the road to be continually pummeled as uncaring drivers swerve to avoid puncturing a tire on a bone or a tooth. Recently however an interested party brought the idea of building a ‘nature walk’ in the form of an arching bridge to the city planning board of Clatskanie in order to reduce the number of animals that end up as roadkill and to alleviate the damage that’s done when larger animals wander into the roadway and are struck and subsequently cause a massive amount of vehicular damage. The proposal was to create a bridge on the outskirts of town at either end, thereby giving the local wildlife a place to safely cross and drivers less concern that they’ll end up damaging their cars.

            “There’s a lot of deer around here and a few bears still roaming the wilds,” said Clatskanie resident Arnold Lowe, “The county workers tend to scrape more than a few squirrels, possums, and even raccoons off the road every month, so having a bridge that they can cross over would be a huge improvement.”

            Plans have already been drawn up, but at this time the cost for the two bridges has become the major issue as the materials and labor have proven to be rather expensive. Both bridges have to be high enough to accommodate trucks with heavy loads, and wide enough to accommodate a number of different animals that might cross at any given time. At this moment the city of Clatskanie is searching for funding that could possibly alleviate the issue, but there has been no forward movement on the project yet.

@JettoBett tweeted:

            Yes, because animals care so much about social distancing. I get it though, it needs to be big enough and sturdy enough to work. Take Utah’s example, they got it done.

@Olohaway tweeted:

            It’s a good idea and all but if it costs that much then maybe just one bridge would work best.

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