Swatting away prank 911 calls irritating for cops, lawmakers

Reporting child abuse is a serious matter in any situation and isn’t to be taken lightly as the safety and security of the child or children in question is of the utmost importance to law enforcement and child services agents that are typically called upon in such moments. Unfortunately there are moments when, in the heat of the moment, people take things too far and tend to make rash decisions. This is what happened when 14-year old Arlene Snitchsky decided to call the police on father Michael one night when he wouldn’t allow her to attend a party with her friends.

            “I told her she was grounded and that’s that,” Michael said in an interview, “She was out late with her friends when I told her to be home at a reasonable hour and her punishment was being grounded. Unfortunately she had to go and pull this and even went the extra mile and hit herself to get a bloody nose and a bruise under her eye. I told her much as my dad told me, you call the cops you’d better tell them to bring an ambulance as well, since I won’t be going to jail without a good reason. Unfortunately the call had already gone through and the operator heard that part.”

            Two officers were dispatched to the Snitchsky residence after hearing Michael’s words on the phone and he and his daughter were separated for the duration of the visit as the officers heard both stories and determined that Michael had said something in the heat of the moment and not realized that others could hear him.

            “He’s got no priors for abuse and the young woman told the truth about her nose and her bruise so we let her know what it means to waste our time and how it could very badly for her if she does it again,” said Officer Pete Erskine. As of now there have been no other calls from the Snitchsky residence regarding abuse.

@TitanicGo tweeted:

            I’m with the dad on this one, you call the cops there’d better be a damned good reason.

@Chalala tweeted:

            How much you wanna bet she has everything she needs and is just a spoiled brat?

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