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Portland, OR

            Social distancing is hitting some people harder than others these days as people that became single just before the coronavirus began to change life as we know it have found that meeting people online is easy, but meeting up in real life is a challenge. A local Portland woman named Darcy Marsey is currently fighting a littering charge after her attempt at spreading the word that she was single and ready to risk mingling just a few days ago. During a very serious windstorm that hit the downtown area it was hard to miss the thousands of ads she’d placed in just about every location she could find as they blew about with the general mix of trash and other items that were caught up in the high winds. One person, who wished to remain anonymous, picked up the ad and shared it online with their own comments:

            Hi, my name is Darcy and I’m single and ready to risk getting out to mingle! My ideal date would be someone that’s not afraid to step outside of their door for more than just groceries and who knows where to go so we won’t be bothered by disapproving looks from jealous, mask-wearing hypocrites. The man I want in my life is in good shape, handsome, at least six feet tall, and keep himself well-groomed and disease-free. Seriously, I don’t want to have one date and then figure out you’ve contracted COVID-19 and have to lose you to a hospital for several weeks. So be healthy, good-looking, in shape, and definitely have your own bankroll and I’d love to meet up!  “Is this woman serious? I hope she’s not serious, because if she’s serious then she’s seriously demented, and I’m being completely serious here.”

            Currently Darcy is fighting, online and via phone, a littering charge that’s been brought against her as literally thousands of her ads have been found plastered to windows and various other surfaces, forcing cleaning crews to take action in order to remove them.

@HardUp2Day tweeted:

            Heaven forbid she ‘lose’ a date to COVID-19….do yourselves a favor guys and let this one go….


            Anyone else notice she didn’t say much about her own height, weight, or anything else? Suspicious much?

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