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Boise, ID

            56-year old Marjorie Inman was arrested just yesterday after assaulting an intruder that had come onto her property dressed as a maniacal clown. Amazingly the knife-wielding intruder, identified later as Chris Pesterdic, was able to regain his footing after Marjorie knocked him to the ground with a wooden baseball bat after he’d attempted to force his way into her home.

            “We received a report of a young man [Chris] being abused and that’s all we had to go on since Mrs. Inman didn’t call the police right away,” said Sheriff Richard Diggle, “We saw Mr. Peterdic had been beaten and from his story we were led to believe that he’d come to her front door to return something of hers and he’d been assaulted with a baseball bat.”

            Unknown to Chris however was the fact that due to another break-in four years prior, the Inman’s had installed security cameras surrounding their home with the ability to record any suspicious activity. The cameras clearly showed Chris in his clown makeup and suit, armed with a knife, attempting to break into the home. At the time Marjorie’s husband Danforth was on a fishing trip with his friends, but he was relieved to hear that his wife had fended off the intruder and praised her for such quick thinking.

            “I know if I’d been there the guy would have been shot, but she did wonderful all the same,” said Danforth, following his wife’s release, “I’m a little flabbergasted that the guy had the frame of mind to strip down to his street clothes and then call the cops, but obviously he didn’t know about the cameras around our house. I feel better knowing my wife can handle herself, but I did ask her why she didn’t grab a gun instead. She told me she only had time to grab what was at hand, and I don’t blame her, a bat’s a good weapon to use.”

            While Marjorie was arrested initially for assault and battery despite telling her side of the story, she was immediately released after the police had a chance to look at the surveillance footage. At this time Chris Pesterdic is currently awaiting trial for breaking and entering with intent to terrorize, a charge that could lead to a three-year prison sentence.

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            Mama don’t play that noise!

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            I think some people get the wrong ideas about clowns largely because of this nonsense, but you wanna come lurking around my home like a clown I’ll show you a beep beep you won’t forget. 

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