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Hillsboro, OR

            A middle-aged black woman by the name of Sally Misicar was arrested a short time ago after waltzing into Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center and assaulting several white patients for no apparent reason. Sally, whose elderly father is currently being kept comfortable and relatively well after being diagnosed with COVID-19, apparently decided to attack various occupants of the hospital based on color alone, and could be heard to yell that ‘white people are taking up too much space that black people need”. She managed to assault five different patients before orderlies and security were able to catch up and apprehend her.

            “She was yelling obscenities at everyone she came across,” said Jackie Nokoff, one of the nurses at Westside, “She called white people honky’s and used even worse racial slurs towards anyone who wasn’t black that was in her way. She even assaulted one of our younger patients and tried to berate him at the same time. She went so far as to tell him that it wasn’t his fault he was born white but he had “price to pay anyway”. You’d think that in a pandemic people would pull together, but obviously that’s not the case with everyone.”

            Interestingly enough, Sally’s claims that more white people were being accepted into the hospital than any other color was quickly shut down and discredited as her father was one of the first patients that Westside accepted when COVID-19 was first diagnosed in the Pacific Northwest. Also, the current ratio of white people to those of color in Westside’s many rooms and other facilities in use is around 1 white person out of every 5, which also disrupts her claims of racism as this means that in the hundreds of individuals being treated, there are actually fewer white patients than those of color. Many rightly question why this would matter as the main goal of course is to treat everyone that comes through the doors in as efficient a manner as possible.

@HonkyAintTonk tweeted:

            I kinda don’t think the virus really cares what color our skin is, and neither do the doctors and nurses that are trying to help.

@GelAtInous tweeted:

            Question, was she beating them with a WHITE bedpan or a silver one? Just curious….

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