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Long Beach, WA

            While the current pandemic has many people staying home as much a possible the reality is that people have to shop occasionally, and in some cases people might have to travel for things they need. For those living on the Long Beach peninsula and in Naselle there are grocery and specialty stores close to home, but for anything else many individuals feel the need to travel to the neighboring cities of Warrenton and Astoria, just across the river. With the current lock down in effect this is of course a risky trip for many people and several have taken precautions, wearing masks and gloves during the trip and doing their best to stay away from big crowds.

            “If we had a Costco or Fred Meyers on the peninsula it’d be different,” said Angie Meyer, a resident of Naselle, “But we don’t, and they have items that we need and can’t exactly get, especially in bulk, where we live. The idea that someone would key the cars and flatten the tires of Washington residents just for being there is ridiculous. I’m glad they finally caught the guy.”

            Lincoln Mayaigh, a high school dropout from Warrenton, was charged with several counts of property damage and one case of assault only days ago after being confronted by a resident of Long Beach, Washington. Reports had already been coming in from Washington residents that had returned from their shopping to find their tires slashed and cars keyed, but it was the effort of Nathan Meyer, Angie’s husband, that finally put an end to Lincoln’s ill-advised ‘reminder’ to people, as he put it, that they were supposed to be on lock down and should have stayed home.

            “I only noticed him when he came up on my side of the rig,” Nathan said, “My wife and I had heard about this happening so I decided to go with her. When I confronted him I could see that he had a screwdriver in his hand. I had a baseball bat in the back seat of our truck so yeah, it was no contest.”

            Lincoln, who is 18 and a legal adult, is currently being held at Pacific County Correctional and is awaiting arraignment for the multiple charges he is currently facing.

@MayaDay tweeted:

            Way to go dude! I don’t like violence and all but if someone’s about to key your s**t you’ve got to stand up and say ‘uh-uh’.

@Heyaheya tweeted:

            Sometimes karma isn’t a bitch, sometimes she’s just a bigger guy with a bigger stick.

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