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Boston, MA

            A local businessman is in jail for defying a quarantine order by opening his doors to the general public just a few days ago. Hank Shugman, a local restaurant owner that had closed down his place of business, Shugar Bear’s, attempted to reopen when he heard rumors of various businesses across the country reopening with certain safety measures being taken. As a plan to bring in the income he so badly needs Hank decided to bring back only a handful of his staff and to incorporate rigid safety measures, as well as limit how many people could be within the restaurant at a given time. He’d even taken measures to insure social distancing by cordoning off several tables throughout the space in order to keep people a respectable distance apart.

            “I followed the guidelines that I saw online,” Hank said during an interview, “My chefs would have been wearing gloves and masks, and so would my servers. The cops told me I couldn’t open up since we were still being asked to quarantine, and to be fair I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission. As far as being sent to jail for it I need that income, so does my family, so those that don’t like my place being open can bite me and not come out.”

            Authorities were notified a day after Hank opened his doors and were sent out to tell him to close the place down. When Hank didn’t comply they gave fair warning before arresting Hank in front of his customers and servers. At this time Hank is being held without bail and has gained a great deal of support over social media and in his community, though there are plenty that have less than kind things to say about his decision.

@InOrOut tweeted:

            Hate to say this, because I wanna go to a restaurant, but when the cops tell you to do something it’s better to do it.

@AreYaHavin tweeted:

            Maybe they forgot to put out the plate of donuts and thermos of coffee…..

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