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Washougal, WA

            It’s not a crime practice and open marriage as it’s become something of a normality for some couples, but bigamy is highly frowned upon. Sadly it took a brawl within a local grocery store for Marilyn Nomonrow to realize the folly of her actions. When her two families met for the first time in what she calls a ‘freak accident’ the 34-year old sales representative had to try and quell the hostilities that erupted between her two husbands as her first spouse of 13 years, Richard Waddens, and her second husband of 5 years, Michael Nomonrow, met for the first time.

            “She had everyone fooled, even me,” said Marilyn’s best friend Mae Churlow, “I mean she’s always had the kind of job that keeps her on the move all over the place year-round, making multi-million dollar deals here and there and bringing home a good chunk of it home. I don’t know how she kept two families in the dark for so long though. She’s got two kids with Richard and twins with Michael, and those poor guys have been raising the kids on their own a lot of the time with the help of friends and family. How she kept us all in the dark this long is evidence that she’s been doing it on purpose, which is even more hurtful. I mean, we all just want to know why at this point.”

            The brawl in the market kicked off apparently when Richard, who was shopping with his and Marilyn’s children to try and surprise her when she returned home, came upon their wife and mother playfully cuddling with Michael while holding one of their twin boys. Upon seeing her first family it was stated that Marilyn went as ‘white as a ghost’, though after things grew heated Michael, who didn’t fancy hearing his wife besmirched, struck first, after which the two men traded several blows before they were escorted outside the store by security and made to wait until the police arrived.

            At this time Marilyn has been charged with bigamy, a serious felony in the state of Washington, and is currently being held in county jail. Richard and Michael have refused to comment at this time.

@BegPardon tweeted:

            So as of now, I don’t want to hear about how men are dogs when we want more than one woman in our lives. Yeah it makes us douches when we do it, but marriage? Hell no, one woman at a time is enough.

@FlametoIce tweeted:

            Was she on her ‘sales calls’ for nine months at a time? Still trying to do the math and it doesn’t add up. But then I’m not a cheater either so that kind of math escapes me.

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