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Spokane, WA

            Professional boxer and martial artist Amos Lupin’s attempt to put on a fundraiser titled “Anyone Can Do It” for any and all comers in Spokane to raise money for a local food bank recently, but the results weren’t quite what he was expecting. Amos, who is 0-12 in his professional career, deserves a lot of credit for stepping up to the plate and getting people to donate $5 to $10 dollars for a chance to go a round with a professional boxer just a few days ago, but one challenger decided to take things a little too far when it came time for his turn. James Bulged, a Spokane local, has an amateur boxing record of 4-9 and has been trying to move his way up the ranks within the past two years, but has had a great deal of trouble as he tends to lose his temper during each fight and has lost a few bouts to disqualification.

            “Each round was just supposed to be fun,” said Amos after the incident, “You know, get kids involved, get the parents in there, have a bit of fun for a round and possibly get them interested in boxing, or just give them a good memory to share. This guy though, I mean whoa. He was acting like it was a full-on, bloody knuckles fight. I’ll admit it, he put me down, but he sucker-punched me as well and unfortunately it’s my fault since I wasn’t paying attention.”

            Onlookers have corroborated Amos’ story since it was obvious he wasn’t taking the round seriously, much as people had expected. James however didn’t appear too appreciative when the professional turned his back at the end of the round, as Amos was speaking to someone at ringside. Without any warning James advanced and connected with a left haymaker to the side of Amos’ head that put him down and out for several seconds. Being that it happened in the ring there were no charges filed, but James was asked to leave the area.

@DoItWhyNot tweeted:

            What a punk move. This is why some folks shouldn’t be taught how to fight. Can’t unring that bell though.

@LaughingTall tweeted:

            If it was a street fight that’d be a bit different since there aren’t any rules, but this was just a straight up dick move.

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