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Eureka, CA

            Makeup retailers are typically required to post certain warnings on their products so as to avoid any mishaps that a user might run into should they use product improperly or be allergic to said product. At the current moment a Eureka resident, Emil Agurle, a transgender man, is suing the LuAlley makeup company for failure to include a warning label with their Flourescent Highlights product that is reportedly used to highlight one’s eyes and can be applied after one’s foundation layer. Unfortunately for Emil the product reacted with the other makeup he was using and caused severe irritation to the skin around his eyes, requiring him to be driven to the hospital where the situation was taken care of by his regular doctor.

            “As far as I can tell it was a sort of chemical reaction that occurred between the two products,” said Dr. Jake Breeks, Emil’s family physician, “I’ve only seen this kind of thing happen on a rare occasion, but it’s usually when someone doesn’t know what’s in their product.”

            Emil’s attempt to look up the ingredients used in the different products was made necessary by the fact that he saw no warning label on the Flourescent Highlights package or product. Upon seeing little to no literature concerning the combination of said makeup products he decided to file a lawsuit rather than contacting the manufacturer. The suit has yet to go before a judge, but the company has been in contact with Emil following an email and a terse phone message that he was finally convinced to make.

            “What we told the customer is that there is a warning label, as we’re liable for anything that might happen if we don’t add it,” said a representative of LuAlley, “The fact that he didn’t see it on the package is his own fault I’m sorry to say, but it was on there.”

            While Emil has visited the store where he purchased the makeup and seen that there are in fact labels on every other product from LuAlley that is available for purchase, he is still convinced of his course. There will be more on this as the story develops.

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            I’m kind of lost on which way to tweet about this one….

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            READ YOUR LABELS. If it goes on your skin then it’s necessary to READ YOUR LABELS.

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